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Louis Violland


Founded in 1844 by Léon Louis-Violland, this wine house is one of the oldest and most dynamic in Burgundy. The offices were located in the centre of Beaune (on the former Rue de la Poste) and housed in buildings dating from the 12th and 13th century, under which lay beautiful cellars where the company used to mature its magnificent fine wines.

In 1996, it became part of the Compagnie des Vins d’Autrefois which continues to grow the business today.


According to Louis Violland, the art of vinification is a delicate balance between wine, grapes, the bottle and the beliefs of its founder, which have been preserved to this day.

The wines produced are not ‘technical’ wines; they are, above all, the reflection of living nature and of their origin, their appellation, their vintage, their vineyards, as well as their very special terroir.

“We carefully extract the wine’s colour, aromas and tannins to represent the very best of Burgundy’s grape varieties and terroirs. No bottle leaves our cellars unless we are completely satisfied with it.”